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Programs & Strategies

Ardha Jabesa Foundation sees poverty and inequality as being multi-dimensional hence the only way to reduce these is through long-term sustained social and economic development which addresses equitable income and wealth distribution, improved access to Education and social services, justice and human rights. In this regard, the following programmatic and institutional areas have been prioritized to be focused on in the coming strategic plan period 2018 – 2021 – these are not in any particular order.

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The focus here is to look at education with a wider lens, aiming at reaching a well informed society that is able to make informed choices. Our focus is improvement of Girl child education in the society; this is because the community is pastoralist and has developed retrogressive culture of not education Girl child. However, supporting boy child from vulnerable background is also vital.

Youth & Women Empowerment

Women and Youth are the populous group in the society and empowering them is important. Ardha Jabesa foundation therefore finds it necessary to support women and youth initiatives in the Isiolo County in order to enable them achieve their desired goals and improve their wellbeing. Supporting youth and women group initiatives in providing small grants to enable them start income generating activities to improve their livelihood status and desist from using hard drugs and consequent early marriage issues.

Sustainable Livelihood Support

This program would address issues related to general poverty and unemployment as well as implications of drought to rural and peri-urban communities. This program will particularly focus on vulnerable children, women and youth. Diversification of livelihood options as a means of reducing vulnerability. Small scale agriculture, particularly irrigation based will be an area of key focus as an alternative livelihood option to enhance food security and also offering small food ration to most vulnerable households/families, special groups and people living with HIV Aids.

Peace, Governance & Social Cohesion

The main focus will be on facilitating using local community justice and peace systems and processes in addressing outstanding inter-community conflicts and promoting peaceful co-existence. Similarly basic justice, democracy, conflict resolution and ultimately good governance/leadership are key to the greater impact on the social and economic activities of the communities. Thus; facilitating community dialogues on emerging issues has the potential to improve cohesion and sustainable Resource sharing. For other conflicts which arise from political tensions, Ardha jabesa foundation will focus on civic education as a key stakeholder in community development.

Advocacy and Research

Ardha Jabesa foundation seeks to advocate for policy legislation and research that protects the rights of indigenous people as well as the integritArdha Jabesa foundation seeks to advocate for policy legislation and research that protects the rights of indigenous people as well as the integrity of cultural and local governance systems in Isiolo County.y of cultural and local governance systems in Isiolo County.

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Environment & Natural Resource Management

Ardha Jabesa foundation is focusing on the advocacy & management of natural resources that includes but not limited to Land, Environment, natural resources (conservation of tress that produces gum Arabica, resins and rare species of trees that may become extinct as a result of human activities). The aspects of Bio – Cultural community protocol can be adopted in this addressing these issues.

ARDHA JABESA foundation is Non Governmental and Nonprofit organization that was registered in the year 2017 under registration No. SOC/76575/R.50035 with the registrar of societies in Kenya. Our area of operation is Isiolo County Northern Kenya and the office is based in Kinna and Kulamawe location of Garbatulla Sub County.